Normal, but Strange
Ayo wassup c:
Blonde hair, don't care ♡

Hello guys~ I’m Thuy (twee) c: I blog about a bunch of things like anime and kpop and video games and my personal life, etc. Warning: I often mass-reblog and #SCREAMTAG. If you’re curious, here’s my faceu? HAHHAHAHAHAA, BE CAREFUL, IT WILL RUIN YOUR EYESIGHT, I’M SRY
Drop a message and we can be total buddies :DDD 

I’m the maknae of A LMTD BLJ♥ and here are my bandmates:

eldest & main rapper - Andi
leader - Lauren
visual & main dancer - Megan
4-D main singer - Demi
mana unnir - Bing
my wifeu(TBD) - Loyce
in charge of aegyo - Jenny