Normal, but Strange

daaangtommy replied to your post “yay idk if it’s something special but i think my crush just upgraded…”

get ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

LOOOOOL he’s four years older than me though </3 



The happiest hunter family. (´◡`。)


augh i am just so in love with this entire dork team so i drew all of em


Tokyo Ghoul Chapters 93-98 have been translated by KawaScans. Here’s a complete list of the latest translated chapters.

  • Read Chapter 88: Insecure here.
  • Read Chapter 89: Trick here.
  • Read Chapter 90: Pursuit here.
  • Read Chapter 91: Fortitude here.
  • Read Chapter 92: Lady here.
  • Read Chapter 93: Bait here.
  • Read Chapter 94: One’s Heart here.
  • Read Chapter 95: Temporary Abode here.
  • Read Chapter 96: Infiltration here.
  • Read Chapter 97: Waning Moon here.
  • Read Chapter 98: Depths here.
  • Read Chapter 99: The Unknown here
  • Read Chapter 101: Mix Up  here.
  • Read Chapter 100: Centipede  here.
  • Read Chapter 120: Penetration here.
  • Read Chapter 116: Second Meeting here.
  • Read Chapter 133: Crushing Mass here.

We have caught up!! Thank you very much to all the scanlators for all their hardwork!!! ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


" I said leave me alone. 
It's not like I have anywhere to go home to... At that time I thought I could escape. I thought I'd be taken
somewhere out of this world. I got my hopes up a little... But that's impossible, isn't it? I'm not playing by the rules.
As if anyone would just take me away when I wanted them to.
I'm so stupid."
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Artist: たみこ
Comic: twitter link
Translator from Chinese to English: whostolethetaiyaki
Typesetting: ninaleena
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today on every dbz episode ever made


today on every dbz episode ever made

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usagi, michiru, and their oblivious significant others


↳ It’s perfection itself! Except for the name.



With pierced ears Makoto even more sexy