Normal, but Strange

i bought quite a bit of clothes recently BUT I CAN’T PULL THEM OFF CUTELY LIKE NOTHING CAN HELP ME BE ATTRACTIVE it sucks ;; 

i feel like all that shopping was for naught ;; PLUS I SUCK AT PUTTING ON MAKEUP LIKE I CAN’T, I JUST CAN’T 

he’s going to sleep now :< sigh i hope we exchange phone details soon hahaha 


we’ve been talking almost all day and now we’re talking about drinking at parties hahah it’s so nice talking to him w HY


he’s really adorable!!11! i can’t get over it ;; and once again msg-ed me first but it’s REALLY not a big deal and i shouldn’t be acting so attached and interested but idk i haven’t wanted to feel invested in a guy for a really long time?? 


getting unexpected msgs from you make me really happy, like too happy for one silly msg but ahhhh i know you probably don’t mean anything but when you say “only you may know” and stuff it just makes me :))))))

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21,974 liked posts even after all that reblogging… i will never get through it all orz orz orz i’m just gonna do lie down now 



lol my tiny crush happens to be a fifth year, greaaaaaaat. age gap just went from 1 yr to 4 yrs orz now i really have no chance??????? 


so met this guy at my college during the time i was there during orientation and he’s quite the cutie and we talk about anime and stuff ;A; he’s like a 2nd or 3rd year and i’ve only met him once but i really want to get closer to him ahhhhhhHHH
but i feel like i can’t because i feel so young as an incoming freshman??? despite only being a year or two younger sigh 
he msged me first today and he watched an anime i recommended i felt way too happy about those things > . <
i really hope it progresses later on (and he doesn’t have a gf i have no idea about)