Normal, but Strange

spending time with him is so nice :> 


so just started dating the guy i like and took his first kiss, what an eventful night! 


anyways, so many things are progressing with the crush omg ; A ; it’s really great and he ruins my life but I let him because holy shit I like him and I haven’t truly liked a guy for like 5 years or something so these feelings are really hitting?! he also teases me a bunch and I just fall to pieces internally ;; I hung out with him so much today, unexpectedly! 



  • me: of course of course
  • i'll wait for you to get home to watch haikyuu
  • because i'm a nice person
  • him: Lol
  • What if I juat knock out when I get home
  • me: then i guess i'll wait for you to wake up then >:|
  • him: Lol
  • Now I would feel bad if I knock out
  • me: LOL
  • it's no big deal
  • i mostly talk to you about anime anyways
  • no point in watching ahead and waiting
  • him: Lol
  • me: sleep if you're tired geezz
  • him: Well im not tired
  • Anyways
  • me: okay we'll see in a couple hours
#personal  #chat    
  • me: well your schedule isn't so bad still ^^
  • him: Ehhhhh
  • It still aucks
  • Sucks*
  • me: They tend to be very early
  • you get off early though!
  • him: Yea but its early
  • ;^;
  • I cant wake up early
  • me: but you went to work kinda early?!
  • him: Yea and I hate it T.T
  • Never get enough sleep
  • me: hahahaha sleep earlier then
  • duuuh
  • him: Who sleeps early
  • Do you?
  • me: nope
  • too busy talking to you
  • him: Lol my bad
  • Ill stop texting you
  • me: wowow
  • him: Lol
  • me: you're mean
  • : <
  • him: But im keeping you awake
  • me: well i choose to talk to you
  • so too bad
  • him: XD
  • me: i'm keeping you from waking up early
  • should i stop msging you?
  • him: I choose to talk to you too
  • Soooooo
  • It works out
  • Lol
  • me: hahahaa
  • it's settled
  • we are never waking up early
  • him: Yup never

just had the chillest conversation with such a new, great guy friend! ^^ and like there was no awkwardness and we both seemed interested in what each other had to say, it was so great! and he didn’t give off any “I’m interested in you” vibes which I get quite often and it really sucks because I feel uncomfortable :/ SUCH AN AMAZING PLATONIC FRIENDSHIP I LOVE IT 


my mom can be a little crazy… i left the house around midnight going to get food from in-n-out and asked if she wanted anything. she wanted an apple pie from mcd’s. i went to in-n-out, ate with my friends inside, and leave before 1am. i went to mcd’s and they told me the apple pies wouldn’t be ready for another ten mins. after paying, my mom calls me asking, “where are you? you weren’t at in-n-out?! what are you up to?!” and i calmly reply, “i ate inside and i am at mcd’s, they said another 5 mins” 

first of all, my mom drove all the way out there without contacting me via phone call… i am almost 100% sure she was trying to catch me in the act “of doing something bad” srsly… and second of all, i was gone for an hour tops, including driving there and back, i don’t see the problem. she never even called me until that point in the mcd’s drive-thru! 

but i mean i’ve been ignorant to her craziness for 17 years and now it’s all hitting me like a brick wall… i know she wants what is best for me but sometimes she does in such a “WTF?!” way… 

like off on another tangent but she always wants me home? BUT WHEN I’M HOME I AM LITERALLY IN MY ROOM, LOCKED AWAY, ON MY LAPTOP 24/7 I SWEAR. we don’t even interact and i mean of course we talk here and there and we aren’t like completely shut away from each as mother/daughter but i swear we have zero contact when i am in my room. she freaks tf out over me sleeping over at other people’s places like 17 year old’s aren’t supposed to do that??!?! she thinks i’m gay if i sleep over at other girl’s places and that it’s a stupid and childish thing to do?! BUT IT WASN’T ALLOWED WHEN I WAS LIKE 10, ASIDE FROM MY BEST FRIEND BECAUSE OUR FAMILIES KNEW EACH OTHER. 

so basically i’m home but we have zero contact and i feel like that’s the same thing as me being out with friends! I ALSO WANT TO MENTION, SHE CALLS ME ON MY CELL AND ASKS WHERE I AM WHEN I AM IN MY ROOM. SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW I’M IN HERE SOMETIMES, IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING ?!?!!?1 for one, she’s lazy to check and two, she blows things way out of proportion. 

My winged sweater finally came in the mail the other day!! It was less than $10 including shipping, it was basically free TT^TT since it&#8217;s usually $35-$40 from other sites. I&#8217;ve been wanting this for sooooooo long! It&#8217;s such a casual piece for so many idols and I especially wanted it during the time when Sungyeol released the &#8220;day in the life of a student&#8221; parody video during the She&#8217;s Back promotion time&#160;; u&#160;; I FEEL SO HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE AHHHHHH &lt;333 

My winged sweater finally came in the mail the other day!! It was less than $10 including shipping, it was basically free TT^TT since it’s usually $35-$40 from other sites. I’ve been wanting this for sooooooo long! It’s such a casual piece for so many idols and I especially wanted it during the time when Sungyeol released the “day in the life of a student” parody video during the She’s Back promotion time ; u ; I FEEL SO HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE AHHHHHH <333 

yay idk if it’s something special but i think my crush just upgraded me from “night” to “good night!” hehehehe